In-and-Out pops in and out of Australia

In-and-Out pops in and out of Australia

Now a huge international name, even most of us here in Australia have heard of the super popular American burger joint, In-and-Out Burgers.

There name has popped up in our country recently, along with a limited sample of their cuisine, but it seems they have no plan of making any permanent move here, so why?

Why would a major international group, already hugely successful overseas, with our market hungry for the popular US chains, offer pop-up restaurants right here in Oz?

Well, as the story goes, it's all about the brand. No, they are not trying to build the brand for 'One Day' when they might move over here. They simply wish to avoid their marketing being diluted by their brand being compromised in our country.

In order to protect their Trademark and ensure they don't end up in the same boat as Burger King/Hungry Jacks, who were unable to use their preferred trading name here in Australia as it was already in use before their arrival, they need to display a presence in our market.

So while you may have heard the whispers that a few lucky folks in Melbourne were recently able to taste the international sensation right here at home, unfortunately there is no suggestion they will be coming to stay anytime soon.

It is a positive sign that they have gone to lengths to protect the brand here, so while there may be no plans to move over permanently just yet, we must be in their scope and we may end up with a new burger option sooner than you think!