New site, New venues!

New site, New venues!

Hi Everyone,

For those who have been long term visitors and supporters of, you will have noticed that over the last few years the site has become a little out-dated.

While the site was technically sound as it was first developed some 13 years ago, it was quite apparent that the site needed a major overhaul, making it easier for you to find current and up-to-date information. In fact, 13 years ago there was no social media as we know it today and so the ability to share and participate as a member of community was never as strong as has become today.

In light of this, we recently launched an entire new system, based around our traditional goals of letting dining venues share their beautiful menus with the public, while adding in new functionality to allow you, the diner, to participate and share your favourite food, specials and more with other keen diners around this amazing country of ours.

Indeed, we now cover the ENTIRE country of Australia now as well! That's right, you can search or share venues from anywhere in this great wide land of ours!

Diners, You; The Public

If you are a diner and wish to post reviews, photos of special offers or your favourite meals, or simply wish to bookmark your favourite local menus for next time you need to check if your local Pizza Shop puts pineapple on there pizzas or not, it's all handy, simply sign up now to get started!

Venue Owners and Managers

To get your venue on the site, claim a listing we already have on the site, or to upgrade you current listing, you too can sign up quickly and easily to get started. Get started today and sign up here!

Your Feedback

Of course, we always want to hear your thoughts, but particularly with the new launch and so many changes (and let's be honest, some wrinkles to iron out) we would really appreciate your ideas on how we can adjust the site to suit your needs. Please pop over to our Contact Page to send us an email with your thoughts.

Thank you for spending time on our site and we trust you enjoy the mouth-watering delights from all the amazing restaurants, cafes, takeaways and more around this beautiful country of ours!

Dirk Horton
Owner/Manager -