Latest updates for venues

Dear Anonymous,


As you have probably noticed already, recently had a major makeover, with an entirely new look and feel and loads of new features. We will also be adding a number of other new features shortly to help diners find you and enjoy your offerings.

With the new system comes a whole bunch of new venues and we are currently migrating all our old diners to the new system so we can share the exciting news with them.

In preparation, we would like to make sure all our exciting venues have their listings, including photos, special offers, contact details and more up-to-date.


Free photo gallery to share your food and venue with diners!



You can upload as many photos as you like, along with adding a description of what you have on offer. Our galleries are already proving one of the most popular features with new visitors, so don't miss out on this opportunity to share your exciting cuisine and your venue with all the diners looking for somewhere to eat!


Link to, or Upload your menu for Free!



We want diners to come and visit you and they want to know what you have to offer. All of our listings include a free gallery for uploading your menu, or the option to link to your menu page on your own website. For those that understand SEO (webby techy stuff), that is a free link, which Google will thank you for and will help promote your listing in search results!

*** Get even more from Google: As well as adding a link to your website on your OD listing, Google checks for links going both ways. To make the most of the link, be sure to add a link from your website to your isting on for better results. Not sure how? Just pass this on to your webmaster, they will know what to do!


Free Promotions of Specials and Discount!



Included with all listings, is the opportunity to promote special offers and discounts. Simply log in to edit your listing and you can add all your best offers and discounts to entive new diners to pop in and check you out.


Become a Feature Venue and get extra attention, from $8/mth*!

From just over $8 a month (annually, or $9.95 monthly) you can upgrade your listing. Your venue will appear in our feature venue promotions and adding additional features to your listing, including a high impact photo banner on your listing page. Just one new customer in a whole could potentially pay for your investment! *approximation of annual rate divided by 12

Log in and check your listing right now!

To access your listing and check it's all ready for diners to view, please login here: /user/login 

But I didn't sign up?

Some of you have been added by us, based on feedback from diners. We invite users to use our simple form to advise us of their favourite venues. If you were recommended by the public, you may need to select the 'Request New Password' link in order to reset the random password on your account (You'll need your username which is: Anonymous). If you have any difficulties, please send us an email and we'll make sure everything is sorted!

Always Growing and Developing...

We are always working on new features and looking to improve the user experience on our site. With this in mind, we welcome your feedback and encourage that of our dining visitors too.

If you have something you would like to see added, or have a suggestion for how  you feel we can improve a current feature, please drop us a line anytime.