The Kebab is a dish known to be from the eastern Mediterranean and eastern Europe, often associated with Turkey, Greece, Lebanon and more nations in the area. While most people have their own understanding of what a kebab actually is, on our site we refer to both the wrapped Kebab, such as the Greek Yiro or a Doner Kebab, as well as those varieties on a stick, such as a shish kebab, often assosciated with Greece and Turkey. Both varieties of Kebab bring the opportunity for easy to handle, single-handed food, along with the chance to load them up with your favourite meats and fresh vegetables or salad. To see the many varied types of Kebabs on offer and a venue that may satisfy your Kebab craving, please browse below.
Mystic Indian Wurtulla - Indian and Kebabs (Sunrise Kebabs)
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614 Nicklin Wy
Wurtulla 4575

An Indian Restaurant by night and Kebab takeaway by day. Indian takeaways also available at... Continue reading...

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