Decisions Cafe

We live our lives being told what to do, when we need to do it and what we can not do.. it's time to take back control and it all starts here.

Decisions was born to embrace community and bringing people together, no longer do we need divisions in our social circles with debates about what or where we should go to eat.

By designing our ever evolving menu to cater to all needs from Gluten Intolerant, Vegan and Vegetarian needs through to those who have a fulfilling desire for that big dirty juicy burger with double deep fried fries on the side! We have it all.

You won't find a 'Breakfast' or 'Lunch' section on our menu it's simply split into 2 all day dining options #SUPERFOOD (healthy) and #SUPERJUNK (not so healthy) the Decision is all yours..

Don't worry we wont tell anyone which side you choose, you have the benefit of customer confidentiality!

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