Grill'd Healthy Burgers - Sunshine Plaza

Grill'd Healthy Burgers - Sunshine Plaza


No cages. No nasties. No added hormones. No exceptions. Produce farmed locally: from paddock to plate, to your fussy or not so fussy palate.

It’s how we’ve done it since the beginning and how we’ll continue to do it till the end: for the love of the burger.


We read somewhere that the greatest gift is the gift of giving. So we give:

- Money to those who need
- Support to what matters locally
- And an open mind to whatever makes up your burger


It’s pretty simple, burgers done good™. Since 2004 we’ve been all about bringing you the freshest and healthiest burgers around.

And while our commitment to this continues, it still comes back to one thing: taste. Take a look at what we're all about.

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Accept credit cards
Wheelchair accessible