Jimmy Shu grew up in Sri Lanka. The only son of a renowned restaurateur, Jimmy developed a love of food, of delighting guests and consistently innovating delicious dishes. Hanuman represents a lifelong commitment to creating exceptional Asian cuisine.
The result of a family passion turned into a career.

It only took one trip to Darwin, in search of fresh barramundi for his customers in Melbourne, to convince Jimmy Shu to sell up his Melbourne based restaurant empire and move north. His imagination had been captured by the delicious array of
south-east Asian fruits, herbs and vegetables flourishing in the tropical climate. Since then Jimmy
has championed the development of local Asian market gardens, showcasing them in his Northern Territory and Cairns restaurants including the now famous Hanuman restaurant in Darwin which
opened in 1992.

A childhood spent in his family’s restaurant in Sri Lanka imbued Jimmy with a passion for the colour, variety and taste of Asian food. He now fosters this same passion in others, supporting local growers of exotic produce to find markets. He also sponsors master chefs from India, Thailand and Malaysia to work in his restaurants. When not travelling to find new inspiration, Jimmy can be found on Sunday mornings at Darwin’s Rapid Creek markets, prodding, sniffing, tasting and chatting with the stallholders. Hardworking, generous and successful, Jimmy constantly helps others find their talents and fly.


Hanuman Oysters, our signature dish with vivid tastes of lemongrass, sweet basil, ginger, chilli and fresh coriander.

Salad of Tamarind pork, barbecue, tossed with cherry tomato, red onion finished with a tamarind and honey dressing.

Meen Moolie of wild barrumundi fillets cooked with turmeric, fresh curry leaf and coconut.

Beef Masaman aromatic curry with potato, ginger, number, tamarind and peanut.

Butter Chicken, our signature dish of silky cashew and tomato curry, infused with cardamon and cumin.

Eggplant Pachadi cooked in sauce of onion, tomato, spices and finished with tamarind.

Sri Lankan love cake, a rich semolina cake baked with cashews, crystallised ginger, honey, rosewater, cardamon, nutmeg; with vanilla custard and ginger crumble.

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