Heinemann's Cafe

Established in March 2009.

We have been operating in Quilpie since 2009, we first opened in March 2009 in the Old Brick Hotel which is next door and now is called the Heritage Inn and is operating as Accommodation and Main Meals plus a small Lounge Bar which is run by our Caravan Park, and it is also a very lovely place to stay. We brought and moved into our new building in February of 2012, and opened the new building in March 2012, which is right beside Hewson Hall Electrical Shop.
A special Thankyou to all of our Locals and Travelers who have supported us over the years.

Heinemann's Cafe's is a family run business we try to make your dining experience with us happy and memorable. We're not happy unless your dining experience was great just like the coffee and meals we serve. Whether you're looking for somewhere to relax, a quiet place to work, or simply dropping in for a take-away coffee or snack, our cafe in Quilpie is sure to please. Heinemann's Cafe is a small cafe in the main street of Quilpie that is dedicated to serving fine coffee, Cold drinks, breakfast, Brunch, light meals and some Evening meals also Pizza's.

Take Reservations
Accept credit cards
Wheelchair accessible
Heinemann's Cafe