Muller Bros

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Back in the early 17th century, a culinary culture began on family-owned farms throughout Southern Brazil. After a big day on the land, ranchers would get together, build a fire, slow cook their farm-raised meats on long skewers over burning embers and then, using the knives from their belts, thinly slice the succulent pieces for each person at the dinner table.

Now we practice this culture at Muller Bros. Far from its homeland and centuries later, we like to safeguard the art of churrasco (shoo-rhas'co) and uphold the unique tradition representative of celebrations, sharing, acceptance and the warm hospitality among friends and neighbours.

Skewered and seasoned, a variety of fresh and high quality meats will be seared over our fire to lock in the natural juices, before they are served, table to table to each guest’s preference for a truly distinctive experience – try them all (if you can!). During your hour (lunch) or two hours (dinner) with us, we encourage you to sample a little of each cut at a time to prolong your enjoyment and reduce the chance of wasting good food. The stop and go blocks on your table will help you demonstrate your will power.

Our “passadors”, the name for our meat-wielding waiters, appreciate when you keep your children seated during service; small children and large knives have never been a good combination.

Muller Bros may be our version of a churrascaria (shoo-HOSS-ka-REE-ah), a Brazilian steakhouse where meat is king, but really, our churrasco pineapple could possibly be one of the best things that you have ever tasted… yes that’s correct… ever.

The Muller Bros Restaurant is fully licenced and proud to offer diners a thoughtfully chosen selection of beer, wine, champagne and spirits.


Leave your worries at ground level, find a spot in our version of the great outdoors and get comfortable.

Apart from being Toowoomba’s first open air rooftop bar, we think that our clientele is what makes us special. So to make sure that you’re pleased, we’ll offer you cocktails, beer and wine on tap, top shelf spirits, a classy list of wines and champagnes, internationally acclaimed liquors and Genovese barista coffees from open to close. We’ll also serve up an eclectic small plates and platters menu our chefs designed especially for you to share.

Rooftop bars around the world all have an allure that indoor bars just can’t replicate… light-hearted, detached from the daily grind, fashionable. You must admit, it’s a bit special sitting on a rooftop listening to tunes and breathing in fresh air while enjoying a beverage and a bite in the sunshine. So if the weather decides to turn on us, we’ll all just pick up our drinks and take that rooftop ambience inside with us letting Mother Nature know that she won’t win on our watch.

And always remember, that if you are a restaurant guest, you’ll receive priority entry. This can be very important, as our Rooftop space is limited and admittance is on a first-come, first-served basis.


Operating both a restaurant and a bar from midday to late seven days a week, means that invariably, we will need access to a good cup of coffee. So the icing on the cake at Muller Bros is the friendly Muller Bros Café, also open seven days.

At street level, Muller Bros Café opens up to the Bell Street Mall every morning from 7am serving coffee, tea, juices, shakes and delicious hot and cold food from our cabinets.

With a bustling trade, our patrons are welcome to dine in the mall, the café or head out the back to our Courtyard hideaway, a little oasis in which to enjoy a few rays with your café fare. The Muller Bros Café also caters for groups with off-site breakfast and lunch plans.

Each day our counters are filled with home-made pastries, muffins, slices and cakes, fresh salads, gourmet meat pies, sausage rolls and empanadas, sandwiches, wraps and bagels. We may have forgotten to list something we serve here, so it’s best you come in to take a look.