Olive at Mawson

Arriving in Australia in 1964, John Yianoulakis had his eyes set on making a mark in the hospitality industry. Settling into the capital of Australia John went on to own and run some of Canberra's finest diners.

It wasn't until his three young boys grew up and his wonderful young wife decided that it was time for a change. Aleca and John had their eyes set on The Hellenic Club in Woden and acquired what would set the path for one of Canberra's finest restaurants, the Hellenic Trattoria.

The family's hard work and determination has created what is now a multiple award winning restaurant, with this in mind it was time to expand. With Aleca set on the name Olive it was now time to find a location and it was at Mawson where she decided to explore.

After some very stressful challenges and hard work from all involved, Olive at Mawson was born. This boutique restaurant specialises in Mediterranean cuisine.

The Olive at Mawson is ideal for entertaining family and friends and a great place to dine for a more intimate occasion. Situated in the heart of Mawson why not come in and meet the friendly staff and kick off your night and let your taste buds enjoy the Mediterranean flavours.

Located at Mawson Shopping Centre Canberra.

Head Chef Daniel Li

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