Uptown Gastropub

Uptown Gastropub is our interpretation of the very best elements of a great upmarket pub where you can sit back and enjoy the amazing setting and restaurant quality food. It’s all about good beer, good food and outstanding, friendly service in a cosy, welcoming place where it’s easy to meet friends and pass the time.
Uptown’s unique design combines old-world features, contemporary furnishings and a retro, industrial look and feel. You won’t want to leave!


The term "gastro" is short for gastronomic – which means the art of good eating through classic technique. That’s exactly what we will be serving up for you, every day, every time. Think classic, hearty, restaurant quality food offered in a stylish pub setting!

While travelling extensively through Europe and the UK, working at some of London’s best eateries and gastropubs, we had a vision to bring such a venue back to Australia and have a bit of fun with it.

We've done it our way, with a twist.

Uptown Gastropub’s menu will focus on fresh, seasonal and local produce, changing with the seasons to bring you the best quality food and drink, with delicious taste sensations that are suitable for every age to enjoy in our comfortable and cozy surroundings!

We love working closely with local fresh food producers, quality focused craft brewers and wine makers who share our passion, while our highly skilled team focuses on providing a high-quality dining experience.

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Uptown Gastropub