Dear visitors, As you may have heard recently, due to the COVID-19 Corona Virus Pandemic spreading across Australia, the Federal Government announced that as of 23 March 2020, all Pubs, Clubs, Restaurants, Cafes and basically all venues across the nation have been closed until further notice. We note this closure DOES NOT apply to delivery and takeaway options, so most of the venues on our site will still be offering ways for you to enjoy their delicious menus. Please support our national dining industry and be sure to check with your favourite venues, what options they have available.


We invite all venues to log in and add a brief update to the top of their listing description, letting people know what services you do or do not have available during this crisis. We thank you all for your support of the industry and hope that our platform can serve as a handy form of communication between our many amazing venues and the people of Australia. Be safe, be kind and all the best for this difficult time.

A message from your friends here at our small family operated Australian business, OnlineDining.com.au

Latest Dining News Articles

Sunshine Coast Restaurants
By odadmin
09 Dec 2019

We've noticed a lot of interest in restaurants on the Sunshine Coast lately and thought we would bring you a little wrap up, highlighting just some of what is on offer.

We have found the Sunshine Coast features a wide variety of cuisines, with a range of dining styles, from relaxed comfortable dining to modern, up market dining restaurants, with fine dining a specialty.

For your...

What's open near me right now?
By odadmin
14 Aug 2019

Wondering how you can find out which restaurants or takeaways are open near you at a given time of day?

OnlineDining.com.au makes it easy with Categories and opening hours both helping guide you to what you are looking for.

All you need to do is visit our front page or search page to commence your search, then in the category selection, you can search for venues offering...

Burgers, Burgers, Burgers, the Burger Boom in Australia
By odadmin
21 Mar 2019

I'm sure I'm not the only who's noticed, we have recently been exposed to burgers like never before.

Casually walking down the street, through the food court or just browsing online for lunch ideas (on OnlineDining.com.au of course!) and BOOM, Burger, Burger. Burger!

Before I give the wrong impression, I am not complaining, at all...

Sunshine Coast Takeaways
By odadmin
21 Feb 2019

Well Sunshine Coast, aren't things getting busy and exciting around the neighbourhood!

Of course we all know what a great variety we have in dining and now in recent times we have been able to enjoy all the latest and greatest in takeaway dining.

With the growth of the Kawana development area and new Hospital precinct, the southern end of the coast has seen monumental growth,...

Sunshine Coast Dining
By odadmin
16 Oct 2018

So, we thought it might be handy for some of our neighbours here on the Sunshine Coast to have a bit of a chat about our dining scene here on the Sunshine Coast.

The Sunshine Coast is an amazing regions, full of everything from the laid back, country lifestyle of the hinterland and beyond, to the modern, trendy and urban lifestyle of the big City, with the new...

Some Recent Listings
By odadmin
31 Jul 2018

Well well, we recently gave you a taste of some of the new amazing venues we have on the site.

Now it's time to share a few more with all you wonderful diners.

Please enjoy the following taste tempters and don't forget to let us know if one of your favourites is missing!

Toowoomba Food Dining Guide
By odadmin
24 May 2018

For all those old school fans out there, especially those from Toowoomba, we thought you might like to join us on a trip down memory lane. The following publications were distributed to over 30,000 households and accommodation venues around Toowoomba and were a smash with local diners. While many of the venues may be long gone, many are still around. Have fun and enjoy all the changes you may...

Some new venues added recently
By odadmin
12 May 2018

Well folks, we hope you are enjoying the new look site and all the great new functions and features.

OnlineDining.com.au is of course designed for you to find and share your favourite restaurants, cafes, takeaways and more to ensure you experience the best and you can help others find it too!

We look forward to you all sharing in...

By odadmin
30 Apr 2018

Hi Everyone,

For those who have been long term visitors and supporters of OnlineDining.com.au, you will have noticed that over the last few years the site has become a little out-dated.

While the site was technically sound as it was first developed some 13 years ago, it was quite apparent that the site needed a major overhaul, making it easier for...